The Green Economy

Moving to a low carbon economy – and changing the way we live, travel, eat and work – is good for everyone.

Not only will it protect the environment, it will create sustainable jobs and improve people’s quality of life. Making the transition might seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s actually already well under way.

One of the reasons for creating the Netzero Training Hub in Portsmouth was that the Council want to deliver Netzero by 2030. This challenge can only be met through local businesses building capacity to undertake the work. This is the largest area of investment we will see in the next 30 years.

Retrofitting properties to achieve the reduction in carbon emissions will require thousands of newly skilled people to achieve across a number of trades. There is no better time or way to grow your business than now.

75,000 businesses

from wind turbine manufacturers to recycling plants

employing more than

1.2 million people

in the green economy

The low carbon sector is currently

over £205bn

compared with


for manufacturing and


for construction

Less carbon, more opportunities

Sectors such as renewable energy have rapidly grown in recent times – in fact, overall the low carbon sector grew by 7.4% between 2019/20, and is expected to expand even faster in the coming years. And that means massive opportunities both for businesses and those with the right skills.

Building the green way

Whether its new construction or retrofitting existing properties, the benefits of integrating sustainable strategies and technologies from project design to build offer significant benefits. Building developers, landlords or associated manufacturers that do not build green, may find themselves at a disadvantage with slower sale rates, lower sale prices and lower occupancy rates.

Green commercial buildings record operating costs 18% to 37% lower than traditional buildings

Building valuations of green properties tends to be higher, an increase of 6.6% in some assets

Buildings that can incorporate recycling may reduce waste output by 90% and use 30% less energy

Time to go green?

With so much emphasis on our net zero commitment, now is the ideal time for your business to look at making the most of these seismic changes. And the NetZero Training Hub Portsmouth offers the perfect way to make sure you have the right skills available to maximise the opportunity.

Our training offer is employer led and is constantly reviewed in-line with industry and employer requirements. We will be offering, from time to time, specific bespoke training for new products, technologies and techniques. Please get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

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