Net zero, new skills

How the low carbon economy offers rewarding career opportunities

The UK’s commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050 is going to change our world in many ways…

…from sourcing renewable energy to recycling what we use and driving electric vehicles to more efficient and sustainable food production and green building. But making such a massive shift towards a Green Economy will need people with the right skills to put these changes in place – skills that are currently in short supply.

The estimated cost of retrofitting just the socially owned housing stock in the Portsmouth area is over £750m.

That’s why it’s time to make sure you have the skills you need to build a career in the future – whether you’re leaving school, already working or looking at a career change. And NetZero Training Hub Portsmouth is the ideal way to gain those skills.

What is the Green Economy?

Changing the way we live to reduce our carbon emissions means rethinking everything from how we heat our homes to what we drive – all of which will depend on people having the right skills to put those changes in place.

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Finding the right course

At NetZero Training Hub Portsmouth we’ve a whole host of different courses to choose from, all designed to give you the skills to follow your chosen career in a low carbon world.

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If you’re already working and want to update your skills, or you’re thinking of a career change, this could be the perfect opportunity to build a brighter future.

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What other students say

“I found my courses at NetZero Training Hub Portsmouth interesting, helpful and inspiring. I left feeling prepared and confident to apply for some roles in the renewable energy sector”.