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skills for a new,
low carbon world?

If you’re already working and want to update your skills or are thinking of a career change, the move to a low carbon economy could be the just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Through choice or necessity, many employers are looking to take advantage of growth in the low carbon sector, and need to retrain employees to have the required skills. There’s a range of funding available too, so if you think you’d benefit from retraining talk to your employer, tell them about the NetZero Training Hub Portsmouth and take a look at the courses on offer.

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Take advantage of job opportunities in the low carbon sector

If you’re already working in a different sector and ready for a change of career, we can help. Our courses are designed for all ages rather than just school leavers, so you can either add to your existing knowledge or learn a whole new set of skills to take advantage of job opportunities in the low carbon sector.

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